Activities in General Education


Effective August 01, 2015 or for those who enroll on and after August 01, 2015

Types of Activities and Hours Accepted:

  1. Lectures in Liberal Education: These lectures are planned by the Center. Invited to deliver the lectures are those nationally prestigious chair professors or prominent persons who are well versed in general education. Of the 16 hours, the students are required to take a minimum of 6 hours.
  2. Lectures in General Education: Lectures of this kind can be offered and planned by the Office of Student Affairs, colleges, departments, the Center for General Education, and other offices. Yet to hold such a lecture, the plan needs to be approved by the Center for General Education. Of the 16 hours, the students are required to take a maximum of 6 hours.
  3. Performing Arts and Art Exhibitions: These comprises both on campus and off campus activities:
    a) On-campus activities: They are planned by Art Center that regularly invites artists to exhibit their art works and performing artists to perform their talents on stage. Of the 16 hours, the students are required to take a maximum of 4 hours.
    b) Off-campus activities: As the name indicates, these activities are offered an off-campus school or institute. Of the 16 hours, a maximum of 4 hours will be accepted if you attend the performance and exhibitions. A written report of about 600 words should be submitted. Yet, you should not exercise plagiarism. If you do so, your hours will be revoked and be punished as an act of cheating in accordance with school regulations.
  4. Hours Accepted:
    a) Lectures: a maximum of 2 hours accepted
    b) Performance: a maximum of 2 hours accepted
    c) Exhibitions: a maximum of 1 hour accepted
    Hours to be accepted are listed on the announcement of each activity to be held if it is held on campus. A form should be filled in if the activity is held off campus. In addition, a written response to the activity should be filed with the Center for General Education if the hours are to be accepted.

For those who enroll before August 01, 2015

(Approved by the University Course Committee on October 19, 2011)

  1. The lectures, based on the structure and ideal of general education, are implemented to enhance the students’ liberal knowledge and enrich their knowledge of humanities.
  2. The lectures are a part of the required courses for undergraduate students. Starting with the 2008 academic year and further on, undergraduate students as well as transfers from other universities are required to attend 16 hours of Liberal Classic lectures.
  3. The lectures are planned by the Center for General Education and the Arts Center. The speakers invited over for the different lectures are all famous and prestigious scholars who have great achievements in their own fields of studies. Invited and approved by the president as well are the prominent personages and professionals who are familiar with liberal education. Lectures or speeches offered by The Office of Students Affairs, colleges, and other offices need to be approved by the CGE and two credits are the maximum to be granted. 
  4. The number of hours to be accredited is marked on the announcement or notice of each lecture. The students before graduation should attend lectures or exhibitions and accumulate 16 hours to satisfy the requirement for graduation. The grade is assigned either P or F to indicate Pass or Fail.
  5. For questions not specified above, please consult the regulations set forth by the course committee of the Center of General Education.
  6. The regulation and its articles are approved by the University’s Course Committee and endorsed by the University’s president. The same procedure will be repeated if any amendment is needed in the future.



Things to Do for Hours Verification

  1. Fill in the form by following the steps: School website Home -> Application System -> Registration for Activity
  2. Cancel it if you are unable to attend after registration. If you fail to attend the registered lecture, your total hours for Liberal classic lectures will be deducted one hour as the penalty.
  3. On the day of the lecture, check in with your ID card at the attendance CHECK IN machine for keeping the attendance record.
  4. Be sure to check in and check out or your hours can not be verified.
  5. After being verified for attendance, your name will be posted one week later at the Center of General Education. If you have questions, be sure to bring it to the office within ten days. Delayed inquiry will not be accepted.



Accepted Students and Hours

  • Name list here: for those who have reached 16 hours (updated each month)
  • Steps to check your name: Go to school website -> Home -> Application System -> Student Information System -> Grade Reports -> Hours Reached for Liberal Classic Lectures