About us

Concept and Basic Quality


To put the school founding motto: Benevolence, Prudence, Diligence, and Integrity into practice, the CGE offers courses that aim to cultivate medical practitioners who can treat their patients as nicely as they do to their own relatives, who can constantly improve themselves and support the public, who endorse lifelong learning, and who are competent and honest. The aim is to cultivate a whole person, a concept proposed by the Ministry of Education. Students at China Medical University receive not only an education that is formal and professional but also leading knowledge in humanities, philosophies, arts, ethics, and natural sciences, which can ready them for facing the ever-changing society. All in all, these endeavors are to foster in the students the following five core competencies:

  1. the abilities to engage in active learning and self-improvement
  2. the abilities of how to interact and communicate with people
  3. the abilities to care for humanities and serve the society 
  4. the abilities to value ethics and enrich knowledge both general and professional
  5. the abilities to promote health and envision the future