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Structure and Staff

Center for General Education is one of the tier-one university academic departments. In order to accomplish the concept of a “whole person” education and to elevate the teaching quality of common subjects and general education, the University set up “The Common Course and General Education committee” or CCGEC which directs the development of general education. The committee members consist of the president, vice presidents, the provost, the Dean of Students Affairs and the deans from all colleges, the director of the Beigang campus and the director of the CGE. Other than the members, eight to ten members who are associate professors or higher in rank are also selected by the president to join the committee. Their missions are to plan, execute, and evaluate the effectiveness of the courses in general education.



The CGE is a tier-one department that plans and carries out the teaching and learning of fundamental science and general education under the direction of the CCGEC. The staff includes one director, who is responsible for decision making, and some clerks who assist the director. The CGE also organizes a number of its own committees such as Teachers Screening and Evaluation Committee, Course Committee, Budgeting Committee, and Journal Publishing Committee. Other committees can be organized when it is necessary.  



Yueh-Sheng Chen

Yueh-Sheng Chen
Dean, College of
Humanities and Sciences

  • Name: Yueh-Sheng Chen
  • Title: Dean, College of Humanities and Sciences
  • Education:Ph.D., Iowa State University, 1998
  • Phone: (886)-4-22053366 ext. 1800
  • Email: yuehsc@mail.cmu.edu.tw
  • Research Interests: Biomedical Engineering; Biomaterials; Tissue Engineering; Peripheral Nerve Regeneration
  • Appointments:
    • 1998-2002:      Assistant professor, Graduate Institute of Chinese Medicine, CMU
    • 2002-2005:      Associate Professor, Graduate Institute of Chinese Medicine, CMU
    • 2005-present:   Professor, Graduate Institute of Chinese Medicine, CMU
    • 2004-2010:      Director, Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Science, CMU
    • 2010-2014:      Director, Biotechnology Incubation Center, CMU
    • 2011-2014:      Vice-Dean, College of Health Care, CMU
    • 2014-2017:      Dean, Academic Affairs, CMU
    • 2017-present:   Dean, College of Humanities and Sciences, CMU
  • Research Interests:
    Regenerative medicine is the process of replacing or regenerating animal cells, tissues, or organs to restore or establish normal function. This field has the potential to solve the problem of the shortage of organs available for donation and of organ transplant rejection. Recently, application of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) as a means to accelerate the process of regeneration is a new approach. The CAM therapies offer a natural and cost-effective intervention to change the course of chronic disease and may regenerate failing organ systems. The research themes in my lab aim to combine biomaterials and CAM to assist and promote organ regeneration, such as nerve, bone, and skin. Several areas of the research are actively studied in my lab.



Name Title Responsible for Phone/E-mail
Hsu,  Ling-Shan Full-time staff

1) teacher’s promotion, salary, and other related work,

2) course timetabling,

3) organizing and keeping meeting minutes and agendas,

4) activates arrangement and coordinating,

5) processing official documents, 

6) drafting CGE related regulations,

7) TA application,

8) credit weaving,

9) executing the project of Teaching Excellence related activities,

10) website maintenance

11) chores delivered by the directors or faculty members.

+886-4-22053366 ext.1802
Tsai, Chia-chi Staff on temporary base

1) editing Journal of General Education,

2) assisting the work at Arts Center,

3) processing official documents,

4) the arrangement of Special Lectures and credit verification,

5) assisting activities held by CGE,

6) processing budget applications and verification,

7) keeping track of faculties lending,

8) keeping track of facilities and properties,

9) executing the projects related to Teaching Excellence,

10) website maintenance, and

11) chores handed down by the director.

+886-4-22053366 ext.1801