Name Title Education Speciality Extension e-mail
Chen,Yueh-Sheng Professor/Dean,College of Humanities and Sciences PPh. D. in Biomedical Engineering,Iowa State University,USA Biomedical Engineering, Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Peripheral Nerve Regeneration 1800 yuehsc@mail.cmu.edu.tw
You, Zhen-Xiong
(Chen, Jenn-Shyong)
Professor Ph.D.
Institute of Space Science, National Central University, Taiwan
Radio propagation, Remote sensing technique of phased array radar, Signal analysis and processing, Earth science 1820 james.chen@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Ku, Yu-ju  Professor PhD in Japanese Literature and language, せいとくだいがく(Seitoku University) Research Interest: Japanese language & literature, Japanese culture 1812 kuyj@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Hung,Wu-hsiung Professor , MA in History, Tunghai University Research Interest: history of the Qin and Han, Wei, Jin, history of political systems, and Taiwan medical history 1809 hungwh@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Chou, Shu-Mei Professor / Director of Humanities and the Arts Department of Chinese Literature, Tunghai University, Doctor Chinese Literature, Study of the Critical Review School, Appreciation Poems, Chinese Martial Arts Novel, Reading and Writing 1822 mercy@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Chu, Hung-Chou Professor PhD in French Literature, Université de Paris VIII Western (French) drama, Western (French) literature, Western literature theories, Psychoanalysis, French teaching 1810 hcchu@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Kuo, Hsin-Ju Associate Professor PhD in Western Literature, National Cheng Kung University Research Interest: English and American literature, cultural studies, contemporary English novels, and medicine & western literature 1830 cherylkuo@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Wang, Wen-ching  Associate Professor PhD in History, Chung Shing University Research Interest: history of Ming and Qing dynasty eunuch, Ming and Qing dynasty history of medicine, and film & television history 1815 wangwj@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Huang, Wen-Chi Assistant Professor Ph. D. in English Teaching, Department of English, National Taiwan Normal University English reading and vocabulary, language acquisition, language testing, quantitative analysis 1807 glavinehuang@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Chin-Yun Hsu  Assistant Professor Tunghai University, Ph.D Logic, Clinical Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Ethics, Introduction of Philosophy, Philosophy of Science 1847 hsuchinyunmm@gmail.com
Jan, Yi-min Professional Technician (Assistant Professor Level) MS in Sports, Baker University Research Interest: tennis, sports biomechanics, tennis in materials science, and sports sociology 1818 ymjan@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Kuo,Hsu-Tung Professional Technician (Assistant Professor Level) MS in Chinese Culture University Tennis Beigang1107 dungkuo@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Chen, Ching-Hsiang Professional Technician (Assistant Professor Level), Center for General Education / Director, Physical Education Office Ph. D. in Graduate Institute of Physical Education, Ntaional Taiwan Sport University, Taiwan Sport Pedagogy, Adapted Physical Education, Swim, Fitness 1836 chench@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Chen,Yu-Wen Professional Technician (Assistant Professor Level) Ph. D. in Physical Education, Taiwan Normal University Table Tennis, Sociology of Sport, Sport Management  1837 chenyuwen@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Wang, Pei-Fan Professional Technician (Assistant Professor Level) Ph. D in National Taiwan Sport University Table Tennis, Exercise Physiology, Sports Science, Health Fitness 1826 peifan@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Lin, Chao-Hwa Professional Technician (Assistant Professor Level) D.M.A., University of North Texas, USA Piano Performance, Fortepiano Performance, Collaborative Piano, Vocal Coach,  Music History 1825 chaohwalin@mail.cmu.edu.tw
G. Benjamin White Professional Technician (Assistant Professor Level) Ph.D., Department of English, National Changhua University of Education English: listening, speaking, reading, writing 1818 whitegben@yahoo.com
Wu, Chien-Yu Professional Technician (Assistant Professor Level) Ph.D.,Purdue University Curriculum Studies Curriculum Studies, Multicultural Education, Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students, and Social Justice in Education, Multilingual Education, ELL, and ESL 1832 chienwu@mail.cmu.edu.tw
Liou, You-Syue Professional Technician (Assistant Professor Level) PhD in Social Welfare, National Chung Cheng University comparative pension policies, work-family balance policies, and welfare state research 1841 youshiue@gmail.com
Yi-shin Jo Yueh Professional Technician (Assistant Professor Level) PhD in English Literature, National Cheng Kung University New English Literatures, postcolonial and diaspora narratives, world literature 1821 ysyueh@mail.cum.edu.tw